Science of a Mystery.

Diana Catt, Author.

"Salome's Gift by Diana Catt is outstanding. Salome is a fourteen-year-ole girl whose...grief and reactions make the story feel all too real. The conclusion was perfect." - Best Seller World blog review by Teri Davis

Below The Line

BELOW THE LINE is a collection of eleven tales of mystery, intrigue, and horror which pull you below the murky line between innocence and deception.

Take the first step across that line with "Salome's Gift," and the sister of an MIA soldier. In "Metaphor," young friends bravely face a neighborhood monster. Then, take two trips to the speedway in "Boneyard Busted" and "Photo Finish," where competition and thievery lead to murder. Or, participate in a Halloween disaster in "Slightly Mummified," on your venture BELOW THE LINE.

Dig a little deeper into the darkness to follow a night-time intruder in "And Through the Woods," discover a stalker in "The Art of the Game," and resolve an unlikely lab accident in "Evil Comes."

If you dare, plummet the depths ever further in the final three tales where you'll find physical and mental alterations most bizarre and end up in nightmare territory...BELOW THE LINE.